NEW benchrest style LP stock coming - 16/07/2018



We just got these photographs from Lukasz Parsley stocks and my are we liking the design and shape. This is what Lukasz has said :

Just finished the inletting and screwed the action inside.
Now few last details.
LOP and forend cut. It will be slightly shorter and angled end. Right now it is crude blocky.

I must admit that first impression is very good.
It nicley fits both hands and allow thumb to be in natural position.
Forend definitely will work for benchrest shooters.
Cheek piece will allow to use both open sights and scopes after it will be adjustable.

Well then shortly starting first pieces for BAR

I have also first interested individuals.
So soon first stocks will appear.

We expect to see the first ones in about 4 weeks at a price of approx £399


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