All pre-charged pneumatic air guns require a supply of compressed air as their power source. Your gun can be filled with compressed air by using a divers bottle system. We stock 232bar and 300 bar bottles. We recommend to check with your diving bottle refillers to make sure they will fill 300 bar bottles before purchasing.

MDE Charging Equipment
The alternative to a diving bottle. Once purchased you have a free source of air. You will not be reliant on travelling to a diving shop to refill your bottle, saving you time and money. All pumps come with built in water trap and are very simple to use. The only disadvantage is they require physical effort so not recommended for the infirm, weak of heart or lazy. We are now stocking the Hills pump which is British made and of exceptional quality. The only pump recommended by Daystate

This page will be built up over the next few months to include charging adaptors for all pre-charged rifles and pistols.Check out this page to identify the charging system you have, and which charging adaptors you need to fill your rifle with compressed air.

Charging Adaptors For Rifles
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