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ActionTag Laser Game Systems

ActionTag Laser Game Systems

The ActionTag Laser Game System represents the latest generation of equipment for use in the popular action game. If you have played Laser Tag at one of the many UK sites and would like to be able to play amongst friends, or use you own kit, this is the system for you.

Equipment Features:

  • Length 27.5"
  • Weight 970 grammes
  • Range 150 Yards
  • Battery life in headset sensor approx 5 hours (2AAA Batteries)
  • Battery life in rifle approx 5 hours (4 AA Batteries)
  • The equipment is professionally developed, built, and supported with no expense spared or corners cut at any stage.
  • Top quality build and components will stand up to a lot of daily abuse.
  • Looks and sounds fantastic!
  • It has rock solid build
  • It is dead simple to operate
  • It is cheap and easy to maintain
  • Reliable, rock solid, weapons-grade ABS-plastic made tag rifle
  • Advanced acoustics system to give you loud sounds at unmatched quality. 63 professionally recorded sound effects. You can even create your own!
  • Wireless head sensors with RGB LEDs – they glow in variety of colours for different scenarios. Player headband turned green? Zombie mode!
  • Weighs just 1 kg – perfect even for kids
  • Advanced 2-stage optics for perfect accuracy
  • Tactile feedback – weapon vibrates when fired, out of ammo, hit taken etc.
  • Advanced low-voltage circuitry gives you unmatched up to 36 hours play time
  • Wireless sensor headbands
  • Low power ultra-bright OLED displays on all weapons showing all data – life, ammo, magazine clips, team colour etc.
  • Anti-ricochet - variable IR power can be set any value for indoor games to eliminate ricochets.



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ActionTag Laser Game Systems

Action Tag Laser Rifle & Headband Sensor

ActionTag Laser Game Systems

ActionTag Universal Remote

ActionTag Laser Game Systems

Action Tag Nano Remote



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