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Theoben Gas Ram Adaptor

Used for correcting the pressure in your gas ram

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Theoben Gas Ram Adaptor

Theoben Gas Ram Adaptor. OUT OF STOCK.


Rapid 7 Mk1 Charlie Da tuna trigger upgrade

The GRT-III trigger blade changes the internal geometry as well as the ergonomics of the original Gamo/Theoben type trigger and converts it from an allegedly 2-stage trigger to a true 2-stage trigger geometry while at the same time dramatically reducing the pull weight and not compromise the safety of the trigger. The ergonomic design change greatly enhances the trigger with a far more controlled trigger pull. Together they provide more accuracy, consistency and a vastly improved firing cycle, something that trigger mods cannot do. It´s a matter of what you expect for what you pay for, and with the GRT-III trigger blade you get it all.

Full instructions included or can be downloaded here

Fitment list:

The GRT-III trigger blade will fit almost any rifle using the Gamo/Theoben type trigger including:



  • all early model rifles including any not listed here.
  • Gamo Hunter all (including the 1250)
  • Gamo Shadow (all)
  • Shadow Express
  • Hunter Elite
  • Hunter Sport
  • Hunter Pro
  • Gamo Delta
  • Gamo CF-20
  • Gamo Nitro (all)
  • Gamo Recon (all)
  • Gamo 610
  • Gamo 640
  • Gamo CFX
  • Gamo Maxima
  • Gamo Viper (all)
  • Carbine Sport
  • Gamo Big Cat
  • Gamo Whisper




  • Benjamin Classic .22
  • SuperStreak Classic .22 
  • BNS-AR-004 Trail NP Series (all)
  • Trail NP-XL
  • Powermaster 1500 EP
  • Powermaster 1500 TM
  • Powermaster 1500 BTM
  • Powermaster B1500EP-NP
  • Regal NP BS8M22XNP




  • TAC1 Quest 800
  • Quest 1000
  • Optimus
  • Phantom
  • Sierra Pro
  • Storm
  • Raven (early only)
  • G-1 Extreme
  • Tac 1
  • TAC 1 Extreme
  • Titan
  • Titan GP
  • Titan NP
  • TR77
  • Crosman Nitro Venom
  • Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk




  • Daisy 130A (Spnish models only)
  • Daisy 130B (Spanish models only)
  • Daisy 131 (Spanish models only)
  • Daisy Model 1000 (Spanish models only)




  • BSA Comet
  • BSA Meteor MK-6
  • BSA Meteor MK7




  • Remington Genesis
  • Remington Summit
  • Remington Vantage




  • Rapid MK-1 (pre-2013 models)
  • SMK-18
  • SMK-19
  • Hammerli 550

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Rapid 7 Mk1 Charlie Da tuna trigger upgrade

GRT-III trigger. £33.95. DISCONTINUED.


Theoben Accessories
A list of Theoben High Quality Accessories (Sorry for the lack of pictures)

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Theoben Accessories Buddy Bottle o Rings pack of 10 £5
Theoben Accessories

QO Sling Swivels Pair to fit MFR.

Theoben Accessories

Silencer Evolution

Theoben Accessories

Trigger Shoe.  £14.20 DISCONTINUED.




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